Motorist Assistance Centers in Massachusetts February 2012

Massachusetts has established a network of Motorist Assistance Centers (MACs) to help repair technicians and vehicle owners referred to them diagnose emissions problems with vehicles that fail their initial inspections. MACs are conveniently located across Massachusetts.
Your vehicle may be referred to a MAC if:

* The emissions test analyzer identified something unusual in your inspection that should be verified before you spend money on repairs;

* Your vehicle is having repeated problems with readiness that indicate you may need additional assistance;

* Your vehicle has been selected for a program evaluation inspection; or

* You have a specialty vehicle, such as a kit car.

If your vehicle has been referred to a MAC, it will need to be evaluated there before you can return it to an inspection station to complete the inspection process.
If you want to apply for an Economic Hardship Failure Extension or a Waiver of Emission Standards, your vehicle will need to be evaluated at a MAC to confirm that it meets the requirements. Call the Motorist Hotline at 1-866-941-6277 for more information or to make an appointment at a MAC that is convenient for you.




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A motorcycle is any motor vehicle which has a seat or saddle for the rider, and is designed to travel with no more than three wheels contacting the ground. A bicycle with a motor or driving wheels attached is considered to be a "motorcycle" for inspection purposes. Motorcycles must receive yearly safety inspections from specially licensed motorcycle inspection stations.
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