Bills of Interest

2017-2018 (190th General Court)

Below is a list of bills that MAAC has identified as interesting to Auto enthusiasts. You can click on each bill and it will take you to the Massachusetts State site.  There you can read a bill details, or see the latest status.  If you think we have missed something, drop us an email.
Bill S.96 – Digital Right to repair
Bill S.1849 – MA moving to 100% renewable energy
Bill S.1911 – Allowing dealerships to have inspection stations
Moved to ->Bill S.2139 – Moved to Bill S.2261
Bill S.1920 – Year of Manufacture restoration
Bill S.1939 – Add Bicycle License Plate to the list of plates
Bill S.1975 – Three wheeled vehicles
Bill H.1304 – Primary Belt law
Bill H.1522 – Automobile Excise Tax changes – Following study – Order H.4244
Bill H.1604  – Antique vehicle Sales Tax changes
Bill H.1790 and H.1818 – Temporary Registration Plates
Bill H.1805 – Antique Boats, Autos, and Motorcycles
Bill H.1832  – Requiring bicycles to have license plates
Bill H.1857 and – H.1870 – allowing a second plate to the front
Bill S.1872 – Year of manufacture restoration of plates
Bill H.1888 – Regulating Motocycle Noise
Bill H.1890 – Historic Highway Commission
Bill H.3438 – Antique Motor Vehicle Inspections for 75 years and older – Now attached to the budget as an amendment