Bills of Interest

2019-2020 191st General Court

Below is a list of bills that MAAC has identified as interesting to Auto enthusiasts. You can click on each bill and it will take you to the Massachusetts State site.  There you can read a bill details, or see the latest status.  If you think we have missed something, drop us an email.

These bills have been submitted but not yet vetted.

SD.179  An Act relative to the registration and insurance of motorized scooters in the Commonwealth – In addition to the types of vehicles that are authorized to be registered under this chapter, the registrar of motor vehicles shall issue a registration for a motorized scooter, designed by the manufacturer to be operated on public ways at a maximum speed up to 20 miles per hour and may adopt reasonable rules and regulations concerning requirements for registration, equipment, inspections and insurance.

SD.200  An Act promoting road safety – The purpose of the yellow dot program is to assist participants by making critical health information readily available to emergency medical responders and law enforcement personnel in the event of a motor vehicle accident, a medical emergency, or any other interaction involving emergency medical responders or law enforcement personnel.

SD.234  An Act relative to the removal and disposal of waste oil – No entity shall accept waste oil or petroleum products for disposal from any automobile service station marina serving powered watercraft or retail outlet selling automobile lubricating oil in the Commonwealth unless and until such entity has submitted a plan for the removal and proper disposal of such materials with the Department of Environmental Protection, and a copy of said plan has been provided to any party providing such materials for disposal.

SD.281  An Act relative to the motor vehicle sales tax – f, while a resident of another state, a person purchased a motor vehicle at retail sale and registered the motor vehicle in that state for more than 6 months or purchased a motor vehicle in Massachusetts at retail sale more than 6 months prior to becoming a resident, but the motor vehicle was delivered to the taxpayer out of Massachusetts by the seller, or purchased more than 12 months prior to registration in the commonwealth, the excise imposed upon the retail sale shall be based on the Kelley Blue Book value at the time of registration of such motor vehicle in the commonwealth, not the original date of purchase.

SD.320  An Act establishing special license plates in support of Massachusetts law enforcement

SD.360  An Act exempting all disabled and handicapped drivers in Massachusetts from displaying decals or plates of being disabled

SD.436  An Act relative to motor vehicle registration plates – Chapter 90 of the General Laws as appearing in the 2016 official edition is hereby amended in lines 153 and 154, by striking the words “two number plates of suitable design” and inserting the words “one number plate of suitable design to be placed at the rear of the vehicle”,

SD.457  An Act relative to group market plans for automobile and homeowners insurance

SD.494  An Act relative to the issuance of a class 1 dealer license

SD.638  An Act establishing the Blue Star Family license plate

SD.697  An Act relative to vehicle recalls

SD.732  An Act relative to motor vehicle excise taxes – The registry of motor vehicles shall, upon the surrender of any registration of a motor vehicle or trailer subject to the excise tax established in section 1 of chapter 60A, provide to the individual surrendering the registration, whether for transfer, loss, removal to another state, or any other reason for surrender, affirmation of the return of the registration, along with a Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement Application with instructions on how to apply for an abatement.

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