MAAC: Positioning Papers

This page contains links to the “positioning papers” for Bills. These documents are used at public hearings and other events.

Check back often as we update them regularly.

Currently being worked on

✓ S.2093 (SD.959)

An Act relative to year of manufacture registration plates – Position Paper

✓ S.2084 (SD.947)

An Act relative to street rods and custom vehicles

Commonly referred to as the “Hot rod” bill.

✓ S.2080 (SD.1312)  

An Act relative to historic route designations

Rt3, Rt6, and Rt20 would become historic routes.

✓ H.3140 (HD.1222)  

An Act relative to antique motor vehicle inspections

Exemption for vehicles 75 years and older with YOM or Antique plates from yearly inspection

✓ H.2591 (HD.803)  

An Act relative to the sales tax of motor vehicles

Sales tax based on Condition of Vehicle rather than blue book value

✓ S.2041 (SD.436)

An Act relative to motor vehicle registration plates

Single Plate on the rear of the vehicle

✓ S.1752 (SD.1129)  

An Act eliminating the excise tax on automobiles

Removing the excise tax on Automobiles

✓ S.2133 (SD.832)  

An Act relative to temporary registration plates

Temporary plates when purchasing a outside of the Commonwealth

✓ S.2143 (SD.638)  

An Act establishing the Blue Star Family license plate

License plate indicating an officer killed in the line of duty’s family

H.3002  & S.2044

An Act relative to autocycle motor vehicle definition & operating

“Autocycle”, a three-wheel motor vehicle that has a steering wheel