1970 …. 40 + YEARS AGO – IT ALL BEGAN …
Massachusetts Association of Auto Clubs Was Formed
“To Protect The Interests of The Hobby…”

The Massachusetts Association of Auto Clubs was founded in 1970 by a group of concerned auto enthusiasts, much like yourself, who were dedicated to promoting and protecting the interest of the auto collecting hobby. They took it upon themselves to contact other car clubs with similar interests and asked them to send two representatives to the very first meeting at the Bolton Town Hall. The response was tremendous.

The Association has expanded to include clubs and all automotive enthusiasts.
If we can make an assumption that, on average, there are 35 members per club, some of the smaller clubs count as few as 5 members and other larger clubs more than 200 members on their rosters, so 35 is a real conservative average, and
multiply that by two for spouses and significant others, and then by another half dozen close friends who are not official club members that would respond to a call for help,, we are now counting about a conservative number of some 80,000 to 100,000 registered voters that could be called upon to fight bad legislation or support important changes in law that could impact our hobby interests.

The Legislative Activity at Both The National & State Level Continues to Threaten Our Hobby. If We, The Hobbyists, Want to Continue to Enjoy Our Vehicles it Will Only be Through a Strong Unified Effort. Clunker Laws, Zero Emission Vehicles & Clean Air Acts Will All Take Their Toll if We Don’t Make Our Lawmakers Aware of Our Side of the Issues. To, Make All This Happen, MAAC Needs Your Support to Carry Out The Programs That We Have Set For Ourselves.