Title Information Massachusetts for Vehicles without Titles

Much thanks to Henry Diorio, members of MAAC, and the others who have provided guidance in compiling this list. If you have feedback, or want to share your experience, please reach out to MAAC at our email address (Mass.Assoc.Auto.Clubs at Gmail.com)

Purchasing a used vehicle without a title can be stressful, but it is possible if you follow the rules and collect the correct documentation BEFORE you go to title and register your vehicle. Many states do not issue titles for older vehicles, and therefore seller might not have a title. See below of guidance if the seller has NO paperwork.

The form states “PROOF OF OWNERSHIP •

Certificate of Title OR copy of Bill of Sale and previous Registration, (if exempt from obtaining a Title)
▷ Must contain signatures of seller(s) and buyer(s)
▷ Mileage must be recorded in appropriate area. This means that if you have a previous registration and it has the ability to have the seller sign it, you should be all set (Note: The registry employees are going to refer to a directory of titles which will have each states rules documented. It can be open to interpretation so you might get rejected. If that happens, we would suggest contacting the Motor Assistance Center for guidance. You may also want to talk to the supervisor but be polite and do not argue your case.)

Vehicle Purchase from an Individual Checklist
Open PDF file, 228.25 KB, forVehicles Purchased from an Individual – Checklist 

Sample Bill of Sales – Be careful of any form that you fill-out on line

Image (OLD RMV Form – not always accepted) –


Purchasing an Undocumented Vehicle

     The seller must provide the BUYER with a signed notarized Bill of Sale stating the year, make, model, vehicle identification (VIN) selling price and odometer reading, along with an account of how, when and from whom the vehicle was acquired, and the circumstances of where, and to what use the vehicle has been placed during the SELLER’S ownership.
     In addition, either the seller or the BUYER will need to have a VISUAL INSPECTION (TV-7) completed by a law enforcement agency. At the same time, they must obtain a “Stolen Vehicle Inquiry Report” from that agency.


NOTE: The process of titling an undocumented vehicle is very time consuming and can be very frustrating so it should your last resort!!