Positioning Papers & Statement on the Bills in review at the 12/6/17 Transportation hearing.

Several Members of the MAAC Board and other concerned hobbyist testified before a joint transportation committee.  Here are some pictures and copies of the testimonies or positioning papers.

2017 Dec 6 JTC Hearing H-4022 US Route 20H-4022 US Route 20 Historic Route Bill: Rep Tricia Farley-Bouvier (Pittsfield); Brian Farr – Pres. Historic U.S. Route 20 Assoc. & Nancy Fitzpatrick who walked the entire 3,365 miles through 12 states over 5 years testifying.H4022 – MAAC Statement

2017 Dec 6 JTC Hearing S-2149 Street Rod Bill - VINS-2149 Street Rod VIN# Bill; Sarah & David Robson testifying.Bill No 2148-12-5-17-2

2017 Dec 6 JTC Hearing S-1920 YOM Plate Restoration3S-1920 YOM Plate Restoration Bill: William Ellis, Pres. MAAC & Jonathan Rabin, MAAC Board of Directors. Present but not in photo; John Buchanan, MAAC BOD & Martin Gambichler – Beacon Hill Consulting Group (Jack Bartley) Public Hearing (12-06-2017) on S-1920-2017v4